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About Us




 I was born and brought up in Chelmsford, England. After graduating from the University of Birmingham, I completed my teacher training in 1989. After six years of school teaching in England and New Zealand and some extensive travelling in Canada, the USA and Australia, I moved to Germany and studied German at the University of Würzburg. In 1997, I started up my language training and translation business, and I've never looked back since then! 

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Our Track Record

We have 23 years of experience working with corporate clients and individual participants throughout Germany.


We ensure that they have the language skills, specialised vocabulary and confidence in speaking to achieve success in international business.


Our clients are involved in a wide variety of business-critical tasks, including:


  • Providing IT development and support for branches and subsidiaries throughout Europe

  • Reporting facts and figures to corporate HQ in the USA

  • Handling claims from OEM customers in the automotive industry

  • Working as IT and management consultants in international projects

  • Providing tech support and service for customers worldwide

  • Recruiting managers for international businesses

  • Cooperating with central sourcing teams at division level

  • Reviewing and optimising supply chains

  • Working on complex reporting and taxation issues for a global player

  • Optimising warehouse management systems and ERP systems for pharmaceutical wholesale

  • Overcoming technical challenges involved in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering projects

Our Approach

We believe that the key to success in international business is the ability to speak English fluently and confidently. To achieve this goal, the participant needs regular practice of discussing important business topics, as well as coaching in how to improve grammar and vocabulary and avoid common errors.


We start with a 20-minute online assessment interview. This gives us a chance to determine the requirements of the participant:


What is the starting level?


What are the most obvious mistakes?


Which skills need to be improved?


Are there any special vocabulary requirements?


Does this participant require group training on a weekly basis, or is individual coaching more suitable?


Should the training be mainly on site at the company or would online video sessions be more convenient?


Group training is delivered in 90-minute sessions. Each session is divided into two parts:


  • 45 minutes of discussion-based training to improve listening and speaking skills and focus on specific words and phrases that the participants need.

  • 45 minutes of grammar, vocabulary and translation exercises that focus on areas where the participants have some room for improvement.


For group training, we recommend a regular weekly session, whereas individual coaching can be scheduled flexibly. The participant and the coach arrange convenient appointments on a week-by-week basis.


Individual coaching is provided in 60-minute sessions. Each session starts with a discussion about a topic related to the participant’s daily work or line of business. After that, the coach will focus on bringing the participant’s language skills up to the standard required for international business.


How many sessions does a participant need? That depends on the starting level and the goals to be achieved. After the online assessment interview, we can give you a realistic estimation of how long it will take to achieve success.

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