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Our Track Record

We have 23 years of experience working with corporate clients and individual participants throughout Germany.


We ensure that they have the language skills, specialised vocabulary and confidence in speaking to achieve success in international business.


Our clients are involved in a wide variety of business-critical tasks, including:


  • Providing IT development and support for branches and subsidiaries throughout Europe

  • Reporting facts and figures to corporate HQ in the USA

  • Handling claims from OEM customers in the automotive industry

  • Working as IT and management consultants in international projects

  • Providing tech support and service for customers worldwide

  • Recruiting managers for international businesses

  • Cooperating with central sourcing teams at division level

  • Reviewing and optimising supply chains

  • Working on complex reporting and taxation issues for a global player

  • Optimising warehouse management systems and ERP systems for pharmaceutical wholesale

  • Overcoming technical challenges involved in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering projects

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