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Email and Telephoning

Workshop (2 Days)


The main goal of this workshop is to learn the skills and vocabulary that are necessary to write emails and speak on the telephone about a range of different business topics. In particular, you will find out how to make and handle complaints, discuss delays, make and reply to invitations and reschedule appointments. In addition, you will improve your listening skills and learn how to interpret emails from business partners in the UK and the USA.


Day 1


Introductions and exchange of personal experiences


Email Practice – Top 12 sentences and practice exercises


Email correction and improvement


Telephoning Skills (1 – 5) – Useful phrases and practice exercises


Listening comprehension: Taking a message and correcting information


Day 2


Reading comprehension: Understanding emails from the USA and UK


Advanced Email Practice – Complaints / Delays / Invitations / Rescheduling


Telephoning Skills (6 – 10) – Useful phrases and practice exercises


Advanced listening comprehension from Business English Certificate


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