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Intercultural Issues

Workshop (1 Day)


Learn how to work more successfully with business partners and colleagues in the USA and the UK. The main goal of this workshop is to learn about how business is done in the USA and in the UK. You will see how the different mentalities in each country affect the business cultures and the mindset. In addition, you will find out what the Americans and British think about doing business in Germany.


Introductions and exchange of personal experiences.


Working with Americans:


What do Americans expect in business situations?


What is the right way to speak to US colleagues and managers?


What are the mistakes that have to be avoided?


What is the right style for email communication?


What do Americans think about working with Europeans?


Is there really a “hiring and firing” mentality?


Working with the British:


Do I have to be extremely polite?


How can I make my message clear without sounding too direct?


Are typical stereotypes close to the truth? (British / German)


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